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VAVA Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
VAVA glasses are the essence of a contemporary, futuristic, conceptual and timeless look. The company’s Pay Off could be “Less is more” in that the product is constructively simple but with a disruptive impact, minimal and devoid of superfluous compositional elements.
In addition, VAVA invites you to participate in their forward-thinking movement that seeks to promote a dialogue between craftsmanship and high technology to create a product that embodies the experience, consciousness and artistry of the great masters of artisanal eyewear.
This approach combined with the use of the highest quality materials makes VAVA unique.Read more

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The company mission is to create the most unique and environmentally friendly products possible to make the world a more sustainable place. The production facilities are located in Treviso, northern Italy, surrounded by amazing mountains and forests. The Treviso region is known for its wine, food, history and nature. This is a region with a strong network of small family businesses producing local niche products. The suppliers who produce VAVA eyewear are integrated into this network of small factories that exist in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature


In an environment of high-speed culture, turbo capitalism, media overload, consumer ecstasy, mega trends and accelerated culture, Vava glasses embody decelerating purism and metaphysics.

The protection conferred by goggles against a hostile environment (pollution, dust, UV rays, etc.) is not merely physical but also spiritual, allowing for a certain amount of asceticism and renunciation


The design of VAVA glasses is influenced by the Bauhaus movement and minimalism. Bauhaus as the foundation for simple design taken to its fullest potential. Shapes such as square, rectangle, circle and triangle. These are the basic forms used as the foundation of VAVA projects. The concept is closely related to the "post-industrial" society in which we live and the growing belief that we belong to a "post-human" age. Vava plays with people's imagination and "science fiction." Therefore, Vava is inspired by unisex futuristic characters. The unisex figure to create a minimal silhouette and a monochromatic figure.


The VAVA hinge is greatly influenced by the SOL LEWITT structures that come from the cube. The major works of this American artist, especially the bricks of three-dimensional works related to conceptual art and minimalism, have profoundly influenced minimalism in fashion and also VAVA.

Inside the CUBE rotates a CYLINDER in a fully integrated mechanism. It is a cube made of high-quality metal, produced by an industrial cutting process, developed in close cooperation with the supplier.

Aerospace aluminum, a super lightweight material with great physical and mechanical properties, is used for production.


Zero base project. Unique in using flat lenses across the range.

Flat lenses date back to industrial design in the 1980s, where flat geometric shapes were considered fashionable. Vava considers flat lenses a "glass wall" in a fast-paced society, a way for the user to retain a certain amount of asceticism and renunciation.

Mineral crystal lenses are another key aspect of the brand. VAVA Eyewear believes that only the natural purity of glass can guarantee the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics over time, along with its typical and unique transparency. VAVA glasses use exclusively Barberini lenses on all models in the acetate and aluminum series. Barberini has been synonymous with excellence in the optical glass sunglass lens segment for many years. Barberini was among the first companies in the industry to obtain UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, which means that all of its production facilities are zero waste. ACETATE SERIES

Acetate frames are an environmentally friendly product. We pride ourselves on the high recyclability and biodegradability of the acetate line; we are committed to an end-to-end life cycle management approach. The frames of the glasses are made of cellulose acetate by Italian brand Mazzuchelli.

A product of exceptional quality, considered by many to be the ?best acetate in the world. VAVA uses the new and exclusive "eco-friendly" M49 line, a type of cellulose acetate made from cotton fibers and wood pulp produced with a new formulation using substances from renewable sources. All the aesthetic and performance characteristics of traditional acetate are preserved.


The frames are made of aluminum, an extremely lightweight material with great physical and mechanical properties, manufactured in Italy using a state-of-the-art industrial cutting/milling process. Although remarkably resistant to corrosion, aluminum can also be recycled over and over again. The aluminum frames are made in a small, family-owned Italian factory, as we pride ourselves on avoiding mass production. VAVA also exclusively uses Barberini lenses on all aluminum series models. Another great feature is the inclusion of 100% rubber nose pads, which provide a softer feel and neutral temperature all year round. The acetate temple ends while further helping to soften the feel, also help to improve the adjustment of the glasses.


The glasses are contained in an innovative thin container made of natural rubber and without hinges. - Thin rectangular box. - High flexibility and elasticity - High durability - Natural sensation - Impact resistant