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Serengeti Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
Renowned and globally distributed, Serengeti® is the only brand that can combine the most advanced technologies for polarized photochromic sunglasses, inherited from more than 140 years of research and development, American culture and the finest sense of aesthetics, design and creativity.
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The types of Serengeti lenses


Category 2-3. Overcast to medium bright conditions. Perfect for driving and everyday use. Ultralight photochromic mineral and PHD 2.0 lenses. They absorb 77% to 91% of visible light depending on the type of lens. Launched in 1985, these perfect driving sunglasses feature Serengeti's original and iconic lenses. Drivers' amber lenses naturally enhance contrasts and definition. They are designed to convey and distinguish the color red, green and yellow, so as to fit any environment. These lenses offer a technicolor color sensation and are perfect for driving as they enhance colors and contrasts, brightening and darkening to provide the optimal amount of light for any situation.


Category 3-3 with mineral lenses. Category 2-3 with Phd 2.0 lenses. Intense light conditions. Photochromic polarized lenses are perfect for nautical activities and everyday use. Ultra-light mineral and Phd 2.0 are available. They absorb 79% to 92% of visible light depending on the type of lens. They block 88% to 92% of blue light depending on the type of lens. 555 nanometers mark the center of the visible color spectrum of light, right at the boundary between yellow and green. This is where the human eye sees best. In low light conditions these lenses allow yellow and green to pass through better, creating soothing conditions for the eyes, while the slightly silver metallic mirror coating (available only on mineral lenses) reflects glare.

555 nm blue

Category 2-3. Overcast to medium bright conditions. Ideal for everyday use. Available polarized photochromic mineral and Phd 2.0. They absorb 75% to 92% of visible light depending on the type of lens. They block 89% to 94% of blue light depending on the type of lens. 555nm® BLUE features a dielectric blue mirror coating that reflects more glare and enhances contrasts.


Category 2-3. Overcast to medium bright conditions. Ideal for everyday use. Phd 2.0 photochromic polarized available. They absorb 78% to 91% of visible light. They block 83% to 91% of blue light. The CPG (Cool Photo Gray) lens is a type of multi-purpose photochromic polarized lens designed to reduce penetrating glare in all weather conditions without highlighting artificial colors. Its polarization protects and provides additional comfort for the eyes.


Category 3-3. Intense light conditions. Ultra-light mineral photochromic polarized lenses ideal for marine and mountain activities. They absorb 84% to 90% of visible light. They block 91 percent to 94 percent of blue light. The double silver mirror on this variant of the Sedona offers great eye protection on the bottom and top, with beautiful clarity in the center. This increased protection allows you to see details up close, making the lenses beautiful and functional. Blocks reflections from above (sun) and below (water).

The benefits of Serengeti glasses

Serengeti glasses are featured in our assortment because they can boast some very interesting peculiarities indeed. This product allows you to spend your days outdoors while effectively protecting you from sunlight, and at the same time it can filter out up to 95 percent of blue light. Serengetisi sunglasses also stand out because they mount photochromic lenses. These then have a basic coloration that tends to darken even more as soon as they are exposed to bright light. For this very reason, they are the ideal product for those who participate in outdoor sports, water or snow.

The features of Serengeti glasses are not only available to protect you from simple sunlight. Even in case you need to correct a vision defect such as myopia, you could wear a corrective lens on a pair ofSerengeti glasses that are both polarized and photochromic at the same time.

As for the prices of Serengeti glasses, we remind you that there are solutions that are between about 180 euros and 260 euros. Regardless of the final cost, you can find men's and women's Serengeti designer eyewear ideal for all styles at our optics, with models in the perfect shape and color for every need.

If you are looking for Serengeti dealers with many models of sunglasses you can rely on our online store or visit our Verona boutique. Likewise, should you wish to purchase Serengeti prescription glasses you would also find a satisfactory range of polarized and photochromic glasses with graduated lenses.

After this overview of Serengeti's sunglasses and prescription glasses for men and women, do you really want to treat yourself to a pair? We would like to remind you that we are the only Serengeti eyewear dealers in Verona and the surrounding area, and in this regard, we also offer you our support should you be looking for Serengeti eyewear spare parts.

Buy the best Serengeti sunglasses in our e-shop and wear the ultimate in comfort and technology for the well-being of your eyes every day!